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  • Exclusive Boutique
    Exclusive Boutique
    IbizaSmallBanner.png Captivating Ibiza island was the source of inspiration for many generations, from the hippy generation until the 21st century. It's an icon. Ibiza is the symbol of liberty, energy and natural beauty. This collection embodies what Ibiza is in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Sur Mesure
    Sur Mesure
  • Musk collection
    Musk collection
    Musk is one of the essential ingredients of Ramon Monegal and this collection shows the versatility and elegant, subtle animality of the creations.
  • Memories Collection
    Memories Collection

    It's the story of personal memories translated into perfumes. This is how everything started, our freedom of olfactory expression. It is the perfume in its free for

  • White Collection
    White Collection
    In this collection are very unique creations that explore the possibilities of white musk in combination with unusual raw materials and pyramids. It is the creative freedom in its pure form.
  • Don't touch My Ouds Collection
    Don't touch My Ouds...
    Fierce. Audacious. Noble. Dark. Precious. Don't Touch My Ouds collection is composed of the pure oud coming from southeast Asia and combines the highest possible quality of the raw materials.
  • Unique Editions
    Unique Editions
  • Spanish Collection
    Spanish Collection
    Monegal's name belongs to a traditional Spanish family whose roots are coming from Barcelona. Spanish Collection is an homage to the beauty, culture, and diversity of the homeland, Spain. It is the ultimate expression of heritage.