Next To Me

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50ml / 1.7 Fl. Oz
100ml / 3.4 Fl. Oz

  • 50 ml 50 ml
  • 100 ml 100 ml


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“Fascinated by Dubai! The 4 elements of the nature around me: the powdered land of rose and tonka, spices on the air, smoky fire of oud and frankinsence, and finally the fruity vital water. The perfume comes to live in my mind and yells me… do it!” 

Pure, sophisticated and very exclusive. Unique elixir of Indian oud, Turkish rose and Somalian frankincense in graceful presence of Spanish saffron and Russian leather. Magic revelation next to Dubai.

Powerful, magical, audacious and idealistic.

Indian oud, Egyptian Jasmin, Spanish saffron, Indonesian nutmeg, Somalian frankincense, Australian sandalwood, Turkish rose, Russian leather, Spanish labdanum-cistus and Brazilian tonka.

Classification: Woody fruity oriental.

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